Israel's ongoing 56 years of brutal occupation of Palestine and the persecution of its people is an apartheid regime - "a political regime intentionally prioritizing fundamental political, legal, and social rights to one group over another in the same space on the basis of racial-national-ethnic identity".

We are following the Palestinian-led BDS Campaign (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) urging action to pressure Israel to comply with international law. BDS played a pivotal role in ending the apartheid regime in South Africa, and it will do the same in Israel. 

While Ireland is regarded as one of the most outspoken European countries against the regime, not one policy against the apartheid state has been implemented. The "Occupied Territories Bill" put forward in 2018 proposed to ban trade with all occupied territories, yet 5 years later has yet to be approved.

Cities in Belgium, Spain and Norway have cut ties with Israel becoming "Apartheid Free Cities", Sweden as an EU member officially recognised Palestine, as do several eastern European countries, and Iceland. Ireland has done nothing but talk, crumbling time again under political pressure from America and the European Union, whose unequivocal support for Israel has permitted the crimes against humanity to persist for decades.

The Intercept_2018 by Mehdi Hasan & Dina Sayedahmed @ The Truth About Israel, Boycotts, and BDS (

A direct-action group committed to ending Ireland's complicity with the Israeli Apartheid Regime.

Bilateral trade between Ireland and Israel grows by 12.4% per annum, Israeli companies including Wix have established offices in Dublin, and Israel's national airline El Al launched a direct route to Dublin to foster greater economic, cultural, academic and social relations between the countries.

Our "Slán Go Fóill" Campaigns (Irish for Goodbye For Now) aim to freeze these relationships until Israel ends the occupation and guarantees equal rights for all, in accordance with international law.

Ireland - all talk, no action.