Israeli Embassy - Slán Go Fóill

The Embassy's role is to strengthen ties between Ireland & Israel - exacerbating Ireland's complicity to the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.

So long as the Embassy represents an apartheid regime, its mission is an affront to our ethics as nation.

In 2018, Dublin City Council passed a motion calling on the government to expel the Israeli Ambassador in Ireland. A clear indication of public and political willpower for definitive solidarity with Palestine.

Withdrawal of the Irish Ambassador to Israel

Ambassador Kyle O'Sullivan has been white washing the crimes of Israel for the purpose of fostering a more business friendly environment between the two nations.

Writing in the Jerusalem Post in June 2021, O’Sullivan claimed; 

What Can We Do?

2. Protests at Quanta Capital Office

The Israeli embassy is leased from "Quanta Capital", through their subsidiary "Spectre (Shelbourne) Ltd." We will be arranging protests outside their office demanding they terminate their contracts with the Israeli Embassy, whilst sending a clear message to Irish real estate that the Israeli regime is not welcome to operate within Ireland.

Quanta Capital Address: 15 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

1. Protests at the Israeli Embassy

We will be arranging protests outside the Embassy calling for its closure, whilst raising public awareness and political discourse. Remembering from the Carrisbrook Case and the effectiveness of protests with business activity, we want all business tenants in their current building, and neighbouring, to apply pressure to Quanta Capital to terminate all future contracts with the Embassy.

Israeli Embassy Address: 5th floor, 23 Shelbourne Road, Dublin 4.

The Embassy's previous location was on the 5th floor at Carrisbrook House, Northumberland Road. Overtime, amid countless pro-Palestine protests, the companies renting the other 4 floors vacated, and the state property company was unable to find replacements given the circumstances. The Israeli Embassy had a 30 year lease and so was able to remain in the empty building for almost 10 years costing the taxpayer ~€10million in lost rent from the 4 empty floors.

Property companies operating in Ireland are thus aware of the risks with dealing with the Israeli Embassy. Given the consequences of the previous 30 year lease term, it is safe to assume their current lease has no long term obligations, meaning Quanta can take definitive action. To date, Quanta has refused to disclose information on the terms of the lease.

"Goodbye for Now" to the Embassy until apartheid is dismantled

“For Israeli companies looking at Ireland they need to consider that Ireland is an entry point to the European Union single market, is a very business-friendly environment and has very open and good arrangements for regulation, tax and set up. The position of Ireland in terms of its culture and its economic system will be very familiar to Israelis. It has a lot in common with the U.S. and a lot in common with Israel. We are the kind of country where you can do things relatively quickly".

This program led by the Mr. O'Sullivan at the Irish Embassy in Tel Aviv supports the status quo of impunity for the apartheid & settler colonial regime. The people of Ireland have been clear for a long time, we do not wish to continue supporting a regime that systematically and cruelly oppresses the Palestinian people.

The Carrisbrook Case

In an interview with CTech in 2020 he stated;

some Irish people have “an emotive and single-minded view of the Israel/Palestinian conflict” but the Irish government he claimed “has always supported Israel’s right to exist, including with its Jewish character” and "opposes any form of sanctions or boycotts against Israelis or Israel".

Supporting Israel's "Jewish character" means its status as a "Jewish State". This negates Palestinian rights and establishes a constitutional framework to perpetuate Jewish supremacy in all the territory under Israel’s control. Support for this amounts to supporting the system of apartheid which this law maintains.